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        Business Segment

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        About Us

        Changde Urban Development Trading Co., Ltd. established in June 2017, Changde Urban Development Trading Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Changde Urban Construction Investment Group Co., LTD. The original name of the company was Changde Hanfang Sponge City Construction Co., LTD. Due to the development plan of Group Company, Hanfang Sponge Company was changed to Changde Urban Development Trading Co., Ltd. in November 2020 with the registered capital of 1 billion yuan. Based on Group’s industrial chain, our company make efforts to be the cash flow center and trade core in Changde with the development concept of “Benefit focused, Innovation oriented”. The main business includes building materials, hardware products, electronic products, mechanical equipment, metal and metal products, non-metal minerals and products, domestic trade agents, import and export agents, supply chain management services, etc.

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        Contact Us

        Address:16/F, Furongguandi, 396 Zaoguo Road, Wuling District, Changde City, Hunan Province, 415000, China

        Telephone:0086-736 7270958


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        Development Planning

        Adopt the mode of intra chain circulation, dual circulation inside and outside the chain and large circulation outside the chain to vigorously develop foreign and international trade. Accumulate a lot, continuously collect and integrate resources, provide the simplest and most efficient links for social trade participants, realize the company's own social value, and build the company's position as a regional trade center in Changde! Establish business cooperation with local countries and governments in Africa and Southeast Asia

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